William Cobb

Full Stack Developer

I am a forward thinking and accomplished Software Developer who can ensure software applications and systems meet the highest levels of availability, security and performance.

With more than 20 years of development experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to every project I set out to develop. My ability to create state-of-the-art, Web-based business applications and solutions has benefited major enterprise customers in a variety of industries.

Work Experiences

Forward Funded

Rockville, MD
Chief Technology Officer
2016 - Present

As Chief Technology Officer and Lead Software Developer, my duties include designing, creating and maintaining all technology related to our Digital Layaway System, RESERV. Our systems are a mix of HTML, CSS and Angular on the front end all talking to REST services built using Microsoft .Net Core.

Web Site: https://www.myreserv.com


Reston, VA
Lead Developer
2016 - 2017

Qwazou is a Facebook bot designed to serve as a directory for other bots. It contains reviews, links and categories for all kinds of Facebook bots. It included an administrative application designed to manage the overall data by allowing administrators the ability to create, update and remove links/reviews/updates to Facebook bots.



Reston, VA
Lead Developer
2016 - 2017

Waitbusters Dining is a web based application designed to assist restaurants with guest management by allowing their customers to get in line, and make reservations remotely using only their phones. No apps are needed. Only SMS.

On top of line management features, Waitbusters allows restaurants to manage their tables, as other existing services do, but in a new and interesting way.

Integrated Systems Incorporated

McLean, VA
Network Engineer
2008 - Present

At Integrated Systems Inorporated, I am the technical resource that manages their computers and the overall network. This includes all printers, servers and wireless systems as well as a clould environment.

ASM Group Inc.

Minneapolis, MN
Software Developer
2002 - Present

Built and maintain several custom applications to fill in the gaps of COTs products to facilitate the movement of millions of dollars of freight every day. These include Windows applications, SMS, IVR, EDI integration and help desk management. Made use of DevExpress UI Components including charts and grids.

DSH Management Systems.

McLean, VA
Lead Developer
2002 - 2016

Designed and built a fully functional system for increasing the number of Medicaid / Medicare inpatient days that a hospital may claim in order to increase disproportionate share and / or re-capture lost revenue. Worked closely with hospitals systems as well as state data providers using EDI, XML, SSIS and other methods of data transfer. Window UI consisted of DevExpress Windows UI Components.

Designed and built a system that analyzed data from Manage Care Organization (MCO) payments to hospitals comparing them with contracted rates and DRG coding to find underpayments as a new revenue stream for hospitals.

The PackingSlip Network

Rockville, VA
Software Engineer
2000 - 2002

Led enhancements to provide new features and functionality for company’s flagship supply chain event management system, deftly coordinating team efforts and managing all stages of software product development in fast-paced, multi-tier environment.

Professional Skills

Top Skills


Microsoft .NET

Expert, 15 years
I attended the Professional Developer Conference in Orlando in 2000 where Bill Gates announced a new platform, .NET. At the conference they provided us with with the technology preview and I have been working in .NET ever since.


Expert, 18 years
I have been wroking with JavaScript since the 90s. Recent history has seen the advent of many new frameworks designed to be used with JavaScript. These frameworks have dramatically improved the overall user experience with the Web.


Expert, 4 years
I have been working with Angular since version 1 and find it to be a great framework for building single page applications. Combined with the user of REST services, Angular gives developers the power of the browser while giving users the best overall experience.

Other Skills

C# VB.Net JavaScript Node.js SQL
Java Python Ruby on Rails PHP
HTML5 Bootstrap CSS3 SASS Git
SQL Server MySql MongoDB PostgreSQL Bots
AWS Azure Apache Nginx IIS


Get in Touch

As a consultant I pride myself on being up to date on the latest technologies. I spend a fair amount of time training in order to stay on top of my game. While working with different customers, in different areas, I am easy to get in touch with and will respond prompty to any request. I take great pride in my work and also put my clients first.

I can help with the following:

  • Front-end development with AngularJS
  • Back-end development with Node.js
  • Back-end development with Microsoft .NET
  • UX prototyping
  • DevOps
  • Database Administration

Drop me a line at william@2wc.com or call me at (703) 585-1065